2/5 – Ariel Zylberman & 2/7 – Nancy Sherman

We have two upcoming talks in one week! We are delighted to welcome both of the following speakers to the PPW:

1) Ariel Zylberman (McGill) will present a paper entitled “The Juridical Epigenesis of Reason: Life, Second-Personal Dignity, and Human Rights”. The meeting, which is a joint session with the Human Rights Workshop, will take place on Wednesday February 5th from 5.00pm – 6.30pm in Cobb 102.

2) Nancy Sherman (Georgetown) will present a paper entitled “Moral Recovery After War: The Role of Hope”. The meeting will take place on Friday February 7th from 10.30am – 12.20pm in Social Sciences 401.

In accordance with our usual practice, Dr. Zylberman and Prof. Sherman will be making a brief presentation on the main points of the papers at the start of the session. To download the full papers, please visit our download page and enter the password “praxis”.

As usual, bagels and coffee will be served at the start of the meeting.

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