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Professor Anthony Fowler published 4-peer reviewed papers in 2018 including a prominent one, that debunked a published finding stating that shark attacks influence voting behavior and therefore voters irrationally respond to irrelevant events. Professor Fowler along with his coauthor, debunked the finding using a number of different methods.

To read the published works please click the links below:

Fowler, Anthony and Andrew B. Hall. Forthcoming. Do Shark Attacks Influence Presidential Elections? Reassessing a Prominent Finding on Voter Competence. Journal of Politics. Replication Data. Reply to A&B.

Berry, Christopher R. and Anthony Fowler. 2018. Congressional Committees, Legislative Influence, and the Hegemony of Chairs. Journal of Public Economics 158:1-11. Replication Data.

Enos, Ryan D. and Anthony Fowler. 2018 Aggregate Effects of Large-Scale Campaigns on Voter Turnout. Political Science Research and Methods 6(4):733-751. Replication Data.