Schedule 2015-2016


October 26 | David Marno
Assistant Professor, English, University of California, Berkeley
“The Art of Holy Attention”

November 2 | Thomas James Dandelet
Associate Professor, History, University of California, Berkeley
“Fabrizio Colonno, Machiavelli, and the Rise of Imperial Political Culture in the Renaissance Mediterranean”
10:30 am, Harper 141
Sponsored by the Western Mediterranean Cultures Workshop

November 9 | Abigail Marcus
Ph.D. Candidate, English, University of Chicago
“Seeking Face Darkly: John Donne’s Divine Encounters”

Fri., Nov. 20| Mary Nyquist
Professor, English, University of Toronto
“Milton and Defoe: Friday as ‘Fit Help’”
4:00 pm, Harper 148
Cosponsored by the 18th/19th-Century Atlantic Cultures Workshop

November 23 | Christopher Wild
Associate Professor, Germanic Studies and TAPS, University of Chicago
“Adversio, animadversio, and attentio: Descartes’ Art of Proving God”

Wed. Dec. 9 | Sarah Kunjummen
Ph.D. Student, English, University of Chicago
5:00 pm, Rosenwald 405
Repossessing Intimacy: Friendship and Self-Production in Thomas Browne’s Religio Medici


Tue., Jan. 12 | Lisa Schwab
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Goettingen
“Bridging Past and Present Via Virgil in Humanist Descriptions of Rome”
3:30 pm, Classics 21
Sponsored by the Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop

January 19 and 20 | Gerard Passannante
Associate Professor, University of Maryland, College Park
Lecture, Tue., January 19, 4:30 pm
Workshop, Wed., January 20, 10:30 am
Rosenwald 405

February 11 and 12 | Ellen MacKay
Associate Professor, University of Indiana, Bloomington
Lecture: “Towards an Aquatic Paradigm of Renaissance Theatre Audiences”
Thursday, February 11, 4:30 pm, Rosenwald 405
Workshop: “Cicero Redux: Renaissance Theatres, Digital Memory, and the Senses of the Past”
Friday, February 12, 10:30 am, Rosenwald 405

February 22 | Hilary Barker
Ph.D. Student, Art History, University of Chicago
“Inscriptions on Paper: Contemporary Annotations in Jacopo Mazzocchi’sEpigrammata antiquae urbis (1521)”
5:00 pm, Rosenwald 432

February 29 | Nicholas Bellinson
Ph.D. Student, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago

March 14 | Sharon Achinstein
Professor of English, Johns Hopkins University
“Human Conditions in Milton”


The Renaissance workshop meets alternate Mondays, 5-6:30 pm, Rosenwald 405, unless otherwise noted.

March 28 | David A. Orsbon
PhD Student, Classics and Comparative Literature, University of Chicago
“Malbecco’s Psychological Symmetry: The Birth of a Personification in Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene

April 11 | Jo Nixon
PhD Student,  English, University of Chicago
“Curtain on a World Corrupt: Vision and Narrative in Paradise Lost”

April 25 | Richard Strier
Professor Emeritus, English and Divinity, University of Chicago
“New Historicism, New Formalism, and ‘Thy Darling in an Urn'”
4:30 pm, Rosenwald 405
Cosponsored by the Poetry and Poetics Workshop

Fri., April 29 | Michal Zechariah
PhD Student, English, University of Chicago
“That scope that dotage gives”: Performative and Political Melancholy in King Lear”
4:00 pm, Rosenwald 405

May 9 | Ayesha Ramachandran
Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, Yale University
“Between Epic & Lyric: Petrarch and the Poetics of Thought”
Cosponsored by the Western Mediterranean Workshop

May 23 | Beatrice Bradley
PhD Student, English, University of Chicago
“Antiquity Forgot? Classical Names as Stage Properties in Hamlet

June 6 | Susan Gaylard
Associate Professor in Italian, University of Washington
“Women in frames, women as frames in portrait and costume books”