The Rhetoric & Poetics Workshop is a longstanding, vibrant forum for scholars of classical literature to present and discuss their ongoing projects.

As a workshop and space for scholarly exploration and discovery, Rhetoric & Poetics is an arena both for rigorous philological emphasis on the reading and interpretation of classical Greek and Latin texts and consideration of the capacious scope of antiquity’s resonances throughout subsequent literature and history. In addition, we encourage theoretical and cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of ancient texts, and are proud to support new and experimental approaches to the field.

We aim to offer a colorful array of topics for discussion and are proud to draw attendees from Art History, Early Christian Studies, Social Thought, History, and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures in addition to Classics. In addition, we regularly invite distinguished faculty and young scholars from outside of Chicago to present at the workshop and contribute to our lively community.

The workshop meets on alternate Thursdays at 3:30 pm. in Classics 21, unless otherwise noted. ***Due to the Covid Pandemic in the Autumn 2020 Quarter we will meet at 4.20pm via Zoom instead***

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Student Coordinator

Claudio Sansone

Assistant Coordinator

David Delbar

Faculty Sponsors

Michèle Lowrie

David Wray


University of Chicago Department Of Classics



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