Social Theory Workshop Schedule Fall 2010

The Social Theory Workshop Fall 2010 schedule is as follows:

Oct. 4 David Bholat, “Analytical Anthropology and the Violence of the Concrete: On Doing Ethnography of Finance”

Oct. 18 Joachim Haeberlen, “Frustrating Politics: Political Practices in Leipzig’s Working-Class Movement”

Nov. 8 Zeb Dingley “The Structure and Sentiment of Kenyan Political Violence, 1992-2008.”

Nov. 15 Tal Yifat, “From Self Denial to Self Expression: Discipline and Autonomy in Upper-Middle Class Child Rearing, 1869-1915”

Nov. 22 Istvan Adorjan, “Fetish of Finance”

Paper titles forthcoming.

All meetings will take place at 8pm  in Wilder House (5811 S. Kenwood Ave)

Persons with a disability who believe they may need assistance, please call Stacie Hanneman in advance at 773-330-1130.

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