Career Workshop Series (CWS)

These workshops are all about your career development and preparation. They are offered strategically throughout the academic year to keep you focused and on-track. 

Career Exploration | Career exploration is all about exploring various career pathways and organizations and how they “fit” with your unique career interests and preferences. Ideally, you engage in career exploration prior to your job search to identify your career preferences by getting to know yourself and talking to people in your network to learn more about different career paths. In this workshop, we will cover various career exploration strategies as well as the role of informational interviews in the process. Recording  

The Art of the Informational Interview | An informational interview is a meeting to learn about the real-life experience of someone working in a field or company that interests you. It’s not a job interview, so it’s important to keep focused on getting information, not a job offer. Recording  

Addressing Skills Gaps | Finding out what skills and experiences you currently possess and identifying those you are missing is critical to your career success. In this session, we will also discuss what you can do to proactively fill those gaps before it is too late . Recording 

Job Search Strategies | The hunt for a new (or first) job can be a daunting prospect for any recent graduate or skilled professional. Securing the right position takes hard work, research, persistence, and good instincts. Together we will explore some strategies to apply your education and expertise to the world of work and help you make the most of your efforts as you navigate the job search process. Recording  Recording (2022) 

Creating a Standout Resume / CV | Every job application requires a resume (a succinct summary of your education and experience), not a CV and not a personal statement. This workshop will cover resume tips and techniques that will allow you to start thinking about your upcoming job search. Recording  

Cover Letter Writing | What is a cover letter? What should one include? How can you get yours noticed? This workshop will answer these questions and provide general tips for cover letters, typical structure and examples, and answer your specific questions. Recording  

LinkedIn, Networking, and More | The term networking evokes feelings of fear for many, especially students. In this workshop, we discuss how to develop 1) a strong digital presence on LinkedIn, 2) key elements of the elevator pitch, and 3) other essential networking skills. Recording

Interviewing Tips, Tools, & Techniques | In this workshop, students will learn effective strategies that prepare you to be the stand-out candidate before, during and after the job interview. We will cover tips, techniques, and tools to help you prepare for a successful interview (i.e. physical and remote interviews, research and job description analysis, types of interviews and interview questions, and post-interview follow up). Recording