Vikram Giving a Talk to High School Students as Part of NASA E/PO Program

Although I spend most of my time doing research, I do occasionally get a chance to teach. Listed below are courses I have taught:

  1. Supernova, Supernova Remnants, gamma-ray and X-ray section (6 lectures) of the Graduate course on “High Energy Astrophysics”. To 1st and 2nd year Astronomy graduate students at University of Chicago

  2. One day course titled “Searching for Life in the Universe” October 17 2015, at the Graham school of Continuing Education, University of Chicago

  3.  One-day course titled “Astrophysics 101” in April 2015, at the Graham School of Continuing Education, University of Chicago.

  4. School of the Art Institute of Chicago, titled “Searching for Life in the Universe”, Fall 2007.

  5. Part of an introductory Astronomy class at DePaul University, Chicago, Fall 2008.

  6. U Chicago, Feb 2009. 4-lecture mini-course to graduate students on “The Interaction of Massive Stars with the Interstellar Medium”.

  7. Massive Stars and their Effects on the Interstellar Medium” , Graduate Course, UPC, Barcelona, Spain. Daily 2 hrs for 3 weeks. Several students, some faculty attended

  8. I have also delivered lectures for Al Harper and Andrey Kravtsov classes at U Chicago.