Advanced Electron Microscopy


Electron Microscopes

Thermo Scientific Titan Krios G3i

The  Krios TEM is the most powerful and flexible high resolution electron microscope for 2D and 3D characterization of biological samples. Its optimal thermal and mechanical stability ensures perfect optical performance. The Krios TEM enables days of unattended operation and the combination with the automated sample loader results in unprecedented sample throughput.

Key features include:

  •  High brightness X-FEG Gun
  • Cryo-Autoloader for automated and contamination-free sample loading
  • Three-condenser lens system
  • Gatan K3 Camera and BioQuantum Energy Filter
  • Ceta 16M CMOS camera
  • EPU Software
  • SerialEM Software


  • Cryo electron microscopy
  • Single particle analysis
  • Cellular tomography
Thermo Scientific Glacios Cryo-TEM

200kV TEM with cryo-autoloader, Gatan K3 direct electron detector (near future), and STEM detector. Optimized for single particle analysis screening. Other applications include micro-electron diffraction and cryo-STEM imaging.

Highligted Features include:

    • MicroED
    • STEM Detector
    • Gatan K3 Direct Detection Camera
    • Ceta-D Camera
    • EPU Software
    • SerialEM Software
Thermo Scientific Volumescope 2 SEM

The Volumescope 2 SEM is a state-of-the-art serial block-face imaging system. Serial block-face SEM combines in situ sectioning and imaging of plastic-embedded tissue blocks within the SEM vacuum chamber in a fully automated fashion for large tissue volumes.

Highligted Features include:

  • High-stability Schottky field emission gun
  • Beam current range: 1 pA to 400 nA
  • Accelerating voltage range: 200 V to 30 kV
  • Detectors:
    • T1 segmented lower in-lens detector
    • VS-DBS LoVac lens-mounted BSED
    • T2 in-lens detector
    • ETD
    • IR-CCD
  • Standard imaging modes available (e.g. stubs or 4″ wafers)
Thermo Scientific Aquilos 2 FIB/SEM
The Thermo Scientific Aquilos Cryo-FIB is a cryo-DualBeam (focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope) system dedicated to preparation of frozen, thin lamella samples from biological specimens for high-resolution tomographic imaging in a cryo-transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM). The upgrade to Aquilos 2 added in column fluorescence imaging (iFLM) and slice and view capabilities. Cryo-electron tomography’s ability to visualize structures in their native context allows researchers to observe functional relationships and interactions with other components in the cellular environment. This technique promises to become an important tool for scientists seeking a better understanding of living systems at the molecular level.

Highligted Features include:

    • iFLM in column fluorescence imaging
    • Complete cryo infrastructure, including a large LN2 dewar for extended runtimes
    • Fully rotatable cryo-stage (<-170oC)
    • Sample shuttle for Autogrids (Krios-compatible)
    • MAPS Software with slice and view capabilities
FEI Tecnai G2 F30 300kV Super Twin Electron Microscope

The FEI Tecnai F30 is a 300kV FEG scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) that forms one of the cornerstones of the Advanced Electron Microscopy Core Facility. The microscope can be operated at the maximum accelerating voltage of 300 kV and is capable of atomic resolution imaging in both TEM and STEM modes. The microscope uses a Schottky field emission gun as its electron source, providing the highest current density and the smallest electron probe-size, which are critical for high spatial-resolution analysis using the scanning mode.The microscope is currently equipped with a high performance CCD camera with 4k x 4k resolution for image recording, and STEM detectors for bright-field, annular dark-field, and high-angle annual dark-field imaging.

Highligted Features include:

    • High brightness Schottky emitter operated at 300 kV
    • Super Twin Lens
    • Digital CCD camera with 4k x 4k image resolution
    • Low dose capability
    • Plastic 3D electron tomography
    • Plastic STEM 3D tomography
FEI Spirit 120kV LaB6 Electron Microscope

The FEI Spirit is is an easy-to-use transmission electron microscope that provides high-contrast and high-resolution images of plastic-embedded thin-sectioned material, negative stained samples, Cryo-EM single particle, and samples prepared for immunolabeling. The high-contrast images produced by the Spirit are due to its unique BioTWIN lens, which is designed for optimal contrast and for observing stained and unstained biological material.

Highligted Features include:

    • Digital CCD Camera 2k x 2k image resolution
    • C-Twin
    • Low Dose capability
    • Routine Imaging
    • Automatic beam alignments

Cryo Preservation Equipment

Baltec HPM 010 High Pressure Freezing Machine

The High Pressure Frezzer (HPF) allows rapid cryo-fixation of samples, eliminating the artifacts associated with traditional chemical fixation.

FEI Vitrobot

Two Vitrobots are available for semi-automatic plunge freezing for cryo-EM of samples.


Fischione Dual-Axis Tomography Holder Model 2040
Gatan Elsa Single Tilt Cryo-Holder

The Elsa single tilt liquid nitrogen cryo-transfer holder is designed for low temperature transfer and subsequent recording of electron beam sensitive, frozen hydrated specimens in the TEM.

Gatan 626 Single Tilt Cryo-Holder

The 626 single tilt liquid nitrogen cryo-transfer holder is designed for low temperature transfer and subsequent recording of electron beam sensitive, frozen hydrated specimens in the TEM.

Sample Processing

Two Leica Automatic Freeze-Substitution Processor (AFS)

Highligted Features include:

  • Computerized temperature control (-140oC to +60oC)
  • Better preservation of epitopes for immunocytochemistry
  • UV resin polymerization
Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome

Highligted Features include:

  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Fast and safe alignment of knife and cutting movements
  • Reliable ultrathin sectioning of embedded samples