Advanced Electron Microscopy

Equipment Status

See notes below for updates

  • No issues
  • Can be used with minor issues
  • Cannot be used
Electron Microscopes
  • Thermo Scientific Titan Krios G3i
  • Thermo Scientific Glacios equipped with a Gatan K3 Direct Detector
  • Thermo Scientific Volumescope 2 SEM
  • Thermo Scientific Aquilos 2 FIB/SEM
  • FEI Tecnai G2 F30 300kV Super Twin Electron Microscope
  • FEI Spirit 120kV LaB6 Electron Microscope
Cryo Preservation Equipment 
  • Baltec HPM 010 High Pressure Freezing Machine
  • FEI Vitrobot 1
  • FEI Vitrobot 2 (Thermo)
Sample Processing 
  • AFS Leica Automatic Freeze-Substitution Processor 1
  • AFS Leica Automatic Freeze-Substitution Processor 2
  • Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome


All Equipment is functioning.