November 28th | Qiuchen Wu on “Girls Geist (2019) with Recent Reflections”

Please join the Affect and the Emotions Workshop on

Monday, November 28th, Cochrane-Woods Arts Center 1564:30-6:00pm CT


Qiuchen Wu

M.F.A. Candidate, Department of Visual Arts, University of Chicago


“Girls Geist (2019) with Recent Reflections “


Discussant: Yeti Kang, PhD Student, Divinity School



A nine-minute video featuring a girl sitting and reading presumably her journal about her beloved idol. A less phenomenological description of it would be: an attempt on expressing the grammatical difference between a Hegelian girl and a girlish Hegel.After an installation of this three-year old work in a show, I finally gathered enough amount of uneasewhich forced me to deliberate on its various problematics. I would like to take this workshop as an opportunity to share with you those difficulties (e.g., historical and current intentions; representation and responsibility; identification and plentitude; beauty and competition) with an autobiographical account of my own recent trajectory of becoming a fan in K-pop.