Ancient Philosophy at the University of Chicago

There is a vibrant community of faculty and graduate students committed to the study of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy at the University of Chicago. Members of this community come primarily though not exclusively from the Departments of Philosophy and Classics and from the Committee on Social Thought. There is a joint PhD program sponsored by the Departments of Philosophy and Classics, allowing students in either to specialize in the field.

Gathered together on this page is information that reflects the wide range of ancient philosophy activities at the University. In addition to the formal activities described here, there are regular less formal reading groups and occasional impromptu gatherings to read texts or papers.

Primary Faculty

Elizabeth Asmis
Agnes Callard
Gabriel Richardson Lear
(Philosophy and Social Thought)
Jonathan Lear 
(Philosophy and Social Thought)
Glenn Most
(Classics and Social Thought)
Number 1 178 px wide crop 1Martha Nussbaum
(Law School and Philosophy)