This is the current and complete list of approved Education and Society minor courses. Not all courses are offered every year.


ANTH 22742 

The Struggle for the University: Critical Scholarship and Research 

BPRO 23500 

The Organization of Knowledge (not after 2022-2023 AY) 

CHDV 20100 

(required) Human Development Research Design 

CHDV 20207 

Race, Ethnicity, and Human Development 

CHDV 20209 

Adolescent Development (not after 2022-2023 AY) 

CHDV 20305 

Inequality in Urban Spaces1 

CHDV 20499 

Inequality in Education: Theory, Policy, and Practice2 

CHDV 20750 

Cognition and Emotion in Everyday Life (not after 2022-2023 AY) 

CHDV 20774 

Multilingualism in Mind & Social Interaction: Language, Self, & Thought in the Multilingual Context 

CHDV 21000 

Cultural Psychology: Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations 

CHDV 23050 

The Role of Science in U.S. Education Reform 

CHDV 23010 

Blooming Buzzing Confusion 

CHDV 23100 

Human Language and Interaction 

CHDV 23305 

Critical Studies of Mental Health in Higher Education 

CHDV 25010 

Ethnography in US Education 

CHDV 27255 

Schools as Organizations: Theory, Methods, Practice 

CRES 27547 

Race, Ethnicity, and American Public Schools3 

ECMA 36700 

Economics of Education 

EDSO 23001 

From the State House to the School House: Educational Policy and Student Achievement (not after 2022-2023 AY) 

EDSO 23002 

Schooling and Identity 

EDSO 23005 

Education and Social Inequality 

EDSO 23007 

Language, Culture, and Education 

EDSO 23008 

Approaches to K-12 Teaching and Learning 

EDSO 23009 

Research Practice Partnerships in Education 

EDSO 23011 

Beyond the Culture Wars: Social Movements and the Politics of Education 

EDSO 27919 

Research in School Improvement 

HIST 27307 

Schools and Space; A Chicago History 

LING 20150 

Linguistics and Communication 

MAPS 30128 

Sociology of Education 

MAPS 30289 

Intermediate Regression and Data Science 

MAPS 31522 

Education, Culture and Power 

MAPS 32700 

It Goes Without Saying: Conversations in Context 

PHIL 22819 

Philosophy of Education 

PBPL 22300 

Policy Implementation 

PBPL 25120 

Child Development and Public Policy 

PBPL 25405 

Child Poverty and Chicago Schools 

PBPL 25860 

Crime, Justice, and Inequality in the American City (not after 2022-2023 AY) 

PBPL 26303 

Public Policy Practicum: Interview Project on Public Education 

PBPL 27809 

Violence in the Early Years 

PBPL 28029 

Education Policy 

PBPL 28350 

Education and Economic Development 

PSYC 20400 

Cognitive Psychology (not after 2022-2023 AY) 

PSYC 20500 

Developmental Psychology 

PSYC 21116 

The Development of Social Cognition 

PSYC 22220 

Understanding Inequality as a Psychologist 

PSYC 22580 

Child Development in the Classroom 

PSYC 22880 

Psychological Impacts of Education Policy 

PSYC 22950 

Emergence and Development of Mathematics and Language 

PSYC 23200 

Introduction to Language Development 

PSYC 23600 

Cognition in Infancy 

PSYC 23800 

Introduction to Learning and Memory 

PSYC 23820 

Attention and the Working Memory in the Mind and Brain 

PSYC 25620 

How Children Think 

SSAD 21000 

Race and American Public Schools 

SSAD 23412 

Cultural Studies in Education 

SOCI 20192 

The Effects of Schooling 

SOCI 20514 

Sociology of Higher Education 



[1] Students may take either CHDV 20305 OR CHDV 20499 to satisfy the minor requirements. The EDSO minor will not accept both courses on a petition.


[2] Students may take either CHDV 20305 OR CHDV 20499 to satisfy the minor requirements. The EDSO minor will not accept both courses on a petition.


[3] Due to content overlap, students may not list CRES 27547 alongside EDSO 23002 or EDSO 23005 on the same minor petition.