Lisa Rosen

Associate Senior Instructional Professor and Associate Director of the Committee on Education



Lisa Rosen is an Associate Senior Instructional Professor and serves as Associate Director of the Committee on Education. Her research focuses on the relationship between education and social inequality, the social context of urban schooling, and the interplay of schooling and identity. In conducting this research, Dr. Rosen is broadly concerned with how urban schools can be better designed to reduce social inequality in educational achievement. She is co-author of The Ambitious Elementary School, a 2017 book which proposes a radical new model for elementary school organization that approaches the entrenched social causes of educational inequality head-on. Dr. Rosen wrote this book with Committee on Education Chair Stephen Raudenbush and Elizabeth Hassrick.

As Associate Director of the Committee on Education, Dr. Rosen is involved in the design and academic administration of the Committee’s curricular offerings at both the graduate and undergraduate level. These programs include a minor program for undergraduate students, as well as a certificate program for MA students at the University. The courses in these programs focus on how families and schools reconcile the tasks of child and youth development, skill formation, and socialization with the changing role of schooling in society amid widespread concerns about social inequality and mobility. She teaches a required course in the Autumn Quarter on education and social inequality to students in both of these programs, in addition to a number of other courses in education research. She is also available to advise prospective and current students in these two programs on curricular requirements and future opportunities.

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Prior to her current position, Dr. Rosen served as a Research Associate (Assistant Professor) at the Urban Education Institute and the Center for School Improvement at the University of Chicago. During this time, she taught courses in the Urban Teacher Preparation Program and at the Harris School of Public Policy. She also conducted research and shared administrative responsibility for instructional interventions in local schools. More recently, she has managed the “Successful Pathways from School to Work” program, a privately funded project that provides funds for faculty and students at the University of Chicago, and helped lead the University of Chicago’s Science of Learning Center as its Executive Director.


Selected Publications

Hassrick, Elizabeth M., Stephen W. Raudenbush, and Lisa Rosen. The Ambitious Elementary School: Its Conception, Design and Contribution to Educational Equality. Chicago, Ill: University of Chicago Press (2017).

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