Committee on Education Fellow wins Philippine National Book Award

January 15, 2020

Jose Eos Trinidad, a first-year doctoral student in Comparative Human Development, has won the 2019 Philippine National Book Awards’ Best Book on Professions.

Eos Trinidad’s Researching Philippine Realities: A Guide to Qualitative, Quantitative, and Humanities Research won the prestigious award given yearly to the most outstanding books in different categories. Written as a guide for Filipino researchers, the book outlines various contextualized ways and examples of doing research in his home country. Many of the insights from the book came from his time as an MA student at the University of Chicago.

After receiving his MA, Trinidad worked as a researcher at the Ateneo de Manila University’s Institute for the Science and Art of Learning and Teaching. He is now a doctoral student at the Department of Comparative Human Development and a predoctoral fellow of the Committee on Education.

His articles have been published in Education and Urban Society, International Studies in Sociology of Education, and Studies in Educational Evaluation, among others. His current research looks into how cultural schematic factors can be quantitatively understood in intervention programs, particularly in education.