Integrated Light Microscopy Core

Now through December 8th, 2023 the light Microscopy Core will have a demo of the Tomocube HT-2H. This Tomocube holotomgraphic microscope is fast with label-free 3D imaging. Think of it like DIC that is isotropic and can section a bit like confocal. It uses SIM-like technology and refractive index differences to identify sub-cellular structures, and has a 60x objectives that can get down to 70nm resolution.  Additionally, the HT-2H version that we have on demo has 3 widefield fluorescent channel (405, 488, 561) to help with identification of sub-cellular structures. This model is great for single cell imaging! If you’d like to try it out you can stop by the light microscopy core during normal business hours or set-up an imaging session by contacting with any of our core facility staff.

Tomocube_Label-free 3D Live Cell Imaging_Holotomography_HT-2H System