Integrated Light Microscopy Core

The light microscopy core has acquired a brand new 3i Marianas Super-Resolution Spinning Disk Confocal! To learn more about this spinning disk microscope, check out their website describing its functionality. The SoRa Marianas has been added to our booking website and is ready for training! A few highlights for the microscope are:

  • SoRa with Microvolution for nearly instantaneous deconvolution is ideal for super-resolution live cell imaging with little phototoxicity.
  • Microvolution GPU accelerated Deconvolution Module for nearly instantaneous deconvolution
  • fully automated, inverted, Yokogawa-type spinning disk confocal allows for high speed imaging up to 200fps ideal for imaging live samples
  • automated XY stage and piezo-controlled fine Z stage (focus) positioning for multi-point scanning
  • full wrap incubation chamber with temperature control and CO2
  • Fast shutter speeds and channel switching for high speed imaging
  • Slidebook software controls filter cube turret, objective turret, condenser, DIC and brightfield optics and high-speed brightfield shutter

Fluorescence filters are available for violet/near UV, cyan, green, yellow, orange, near red, and far red.