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A jazzy night in Chicago

      Spent one night in the famous club Chicago Jazz Showcase and get some feeling of jazz. Dig into the history of jazz and understand its evolution. Pay attention to jazz in Chicago nowadays and in the future.   References: “https://www.jazzshowcase.com/nowplaying/petersaxe” “https://www.jazzshowcase.com/nowplaying/stukatz-johncampbell-81122” “https://www.thehudsonchicago.com/chicagos-jazz-culture-express-unexpressed/” “https://theculturetrip.com/north-america/usa/illinois/articles/a-brief-history-of-jazz-in-chicago/” “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_Chicago” “https://www.neh.gov/article/when-jazz-moved-chicago” “https://leagueslider.com/what-was-the-chicago-style-of-jazz//” Intro: Spent one night in the famous club Chicago Jazz...
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Murals in Chicago: an Open Conversation concerning Immigration History, Civil Rights and Cultural Identities

Author: Chuqing (Louisa) Zhao Program of Study: SSD MAPSS Three years ago, when I first came to the United States, I was deeply impressed by murals. The city is a big and living canvas for people coming from different corners of the world. Paintings on walls vividly tell stories about race and immigration, hope and inspiration. Through a city...
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