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Murals in Chicago: an Open Conversation concerning Immigration History, Civil Rights and Cultural Identities

Author: Chuqing (Louisa) Zhao Program of Study: SSD MAPSS Three years ago, when I first came to the United States, I was deeply impressed by murals. The city is a big and living canvas for people coming from different corners of the world. Paintings on walls vividly tell stories about race and immigration, hope and inspiration. Through a city...
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Feeling Mexican Styles in Pilsen

Author: Minghao Yang Program of Study: SSD Computational Social Science Pilsen, which refers to either a populous city of Czech, or a renowned type of beer born in Czech, seems to have nothing to do with Mexico or Mexicans; however, Pilsen in Chicago is an exception, with Mexican ingredients building up its exotic culture. Before I explain the reasons,...
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