Preparing for Case Interviews

There are many ways to go about preparing for case interviews, the foundational interviewing practice for most major consulting firms. Some basic information about the structure of a case interview can be found here or here

Case Practice Sessions

Case interviews are a major part of the recruiting process for any consulting firm. There are many different sources one can use to learn more about case interviewing, but, it is only by practicing in person that one’s skills will improve. In this spirit, our club regularly holds practice sessions for people to meet up and “get their hands dirty”.  If you are interested, please check out our Case Practice Sessions tab.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Case Books

Please contact us to gain access to our internal page with our extensive collection (50+) of case books.

Experience Interviews

Aside from case interviews, consulting firms also use experience interviews to assess their candidates. Similar to traditional job interviews, experience interviews offer the interviewer an opportunity to understand the candidate’s background, interest and career goals. Some interviewers may ask the candidate to describe a specific situation in the professional or academic experiences.

Succeeding in experience interviews is equally important in securing a job offer. We encourage our members to check out the interview resources page from our partner UChicagoGRAD. If you need additional practice, please schedule an appointment with a GRADTalk advisor

Direction to other resources

Book: Case-In-Point

A book written by Marc Cosentino, a graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School, is often considered the ‘The Bible of case interviews’. It’s a great introduction to those who think they may be interested in consulting and want to learn more about the recruiting process. Link


A leading online case interview prep platform, developed by former McKinsey interviewers and headhunters. Their course provides everything you need to prepare for consulting applications and to crack the case studies used at interviews with top consulting firms and other employers. Link

Document: Notes from GCC 2022 New Hire Panel

In December 2022 panel discussion on how to land an offer from management consulting firms was held by the GCC. The panelists were all current UChicago students were joining top-tier consulting firms like MBB as management consultants next year. Panelists gave their thoughts on what worked, or did not work, for them in their ultimately succesfull hunt to land a top job. Link


A website run by a former McKinsey consultant Victor Cheng, is a great starting point to learn about the different aspects of the consulting interview and industry.  If you choose, you can sign up for a mailing list in which Victor sends out regular emails (~1 per week) with insights into various aspects of applying to the “Big 3”, or how consultants approach problems. Link


As the world’s largest resource for consulting news and prep, with over 2.5M annual readers, this is a great resource for anyone interested in consulting. From resume editing services to case interview preparation, they provide all of the important services to prepare for interviews and receive offers from consulting firmsLink