CHNA Communications Action Team

Data gathered in the CHNA showed that students and staff don’t know about all the resources offered at UChicago and how to find/access them. People feel inundated with emails and yet don’t know where to find information when they need it most.

Based on this feedback, the CHNA Communications Action Team developed the following goals to address communications on campus:

  • Develop a best practices tool to improve email communications across the University
  • Create a “one-stop shop” online resource that easily links to all University resources
  • Create an inventory of communications contacts from each division, school and department
Current Progress

Before the CHNA Communications Action Team moved forward with the goals above, they conducted five focus groups in Spring 2019 to dive deeper into this issue to understand from students, staff and faculty what would be most helpful to improve communications on campus. The feedback from these focus groups highlighted that a best practices tool to improve email communications was most important, followed by a one-stop shop and the inventory of communications contacts.

Over the following months, action team members developed the Email Communication Guide (below) to fill this gap and provide best practices when communicating by email.

Campus Resources

A resource highlighting best practices for email communication was identified as a goal based on feedback received from the CHNA and subsequent focus groups. The CHNA Communications Flyer was developed as a response to that need.

Through the CHNA process, students indicated that it was difficult to know all resources available on campus and where to find them. As such, the CHNA Communications Action Team created this campus resource inventory as a way to provide a “one-stop shop” to campus resources and how to access them.

Action Team Members
Julie Edwards, Chair UChicago Student Wellness
Anne Hartman Campus and Student Life
David Taylor Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering
Kenyatta Tatum Futterman Office of Risk Management
Nikki Horn Harris Public Policy
Elizabeth Webb UChicago Student Wellness
Rebecca DeRose Center for Leadership and Involvement