Spring Quarter 2023 Schedule


Dear Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Reception Workshop subscribers,
we are pleased to announce the schedule for Spring Quarter 2023. Unless otherwise indicated (***), the in-person location and time for this quarter’s events is Swift Hall, room 201, Thursday 5pm. The times of events posted here are U.S. Central Time. Zoom links and further details will be provided before each event, if needed.
For other details, accommodation requests or to be added to the HBEJR Workshop mailing list, please contact Tommaso Bacci (bacci@uchicago.edu).


March 30th, “Phoenician Iconography and Religious Symbolism Across the Mediterranean: Two Case Studies,” Dr. Carolina López-Ruiz (University of Chicago)

(***) 5:15pm, Swift Hall, Room 106
This workshop is co-sponsored with the Ancient Societies Workshop

April 20th, “Ancient Near Eastern Fibercraft 101,” Alexis R. Wolf (University of Chicago)

5:00pm, Swift Hall, Room 201

April 27th, “The identity of the satan in Job 1-2,” David Ridge (University of Chicago)

5:00pm, Swift Hall, Room 201

May 4th, “Competing Memory Cultures: The Literary Afterlives of Jerusalem’s Destruction,” Dr. Cathleen Chopra-McGowan (Santa Clara University)

(***) 5:00pm, Room 200 (Hybrid – link will be provided)

May 8th (Monday) “The Book of Qohelet: a conversation,” with Dr. Simeon Chavel,
and Dr. James T. Robinson (University of Chicago)

(***) 5:00pm, Swift Hall, Room 201
This workshop is co-sponsored with the Jewish Studies Workshop

May 18th, A Panel on the Interview Processes and Early Career Stage, with Dr. Jessie DeGrado (University of Michigan) and Dr. Charles Hughes-Huff (St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry)

5:00pm, Swift Hall, Room 201 (Hybrid – link will be provided)
After this session, all the HBEJR Workshop participants are invited to dinner

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