2022/2023 HBEJR Workshop Calendar

– October 19th    “Four Legal Texts in the Hebrew Bible that Evince a Concern for Animal Rights”
Dr. Saul M. Olyan  (Brown University)

– October 27th    “The Birth and Naming of Jacob’s Children: A Comparative Analysis of P, J, and E”
Emily Thomassen (University of Chicago)

– November 3rd   “The Portrayal of Balaam in the Elohistic Narrative Arc as the Antithesis of the Prophet Moses”
Jaeseok Heo (University of Chicago)

– November 10th  “An Introduction to the CEDAR Project
Dr. Sarah Yardney, CEDAR Research Specialist (University of Chicago)

– December 1st    “Aaron’s Muted Silence: the Effacement of Self and Intimacy as the Cornerstone of Divine Service in P”
Aslan Cohen Mizrahi (University of Chicago)

– January 12th     “Out of Egypt? Old and New Paradigms for the Spread of the Early Alphabet”
Dr. Madadh Richey 
(Brandeis University)

January 26th    One L Book Discussion

– February 2th     Accordance Software Webinar

– February 13th   “More Than Just Mosaics: The Huqoq Synagogue”
Dr. Jodi Magness
(University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

– February 23rd   “The Biblical Hebrew Waw of Apodosis: The View from Semitic and General Linguistics”
Andrew Zulker
(University of Chicago)

– March 2nd       “The Flooded Womb: the sotah as Sovereign Threat
Aslan Cohen Mizrahi (University of Chicago)

March 30th      “Phoenician Iconography and Religious Symbolism Across the Mediterranean: Two Case Studies”
Dr. Carolina López-Ruiz (University of Chicago)

– April 20th        “Ancient Near Eastern Fibercraft 101”
Alexis R. Wolf (University of Chicago)

– April 27th        “The identity of the satan in Job 1-2”
David Ridge (University of Chicago)

May 4th           “Competing Memory Cultures: The Literary Afterlives of Jerusalem’s Destruction”
Dr. Cathleen Chopra-McGowan (Santa Clara University)

May 8th                “The Book of Qohelet: a conversation”
with Dr. Simeon Chavel
and Dr. James T. Robinson (University of Chicago)

– May 18th          “A Panel on the Interview Processes and Early Career Stage”
with Dr. Jessie DeGrado (University of Michigan)
and Dr. Charles Hughes-Huff (St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry)

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