Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource

Optical Imaging

Located within the iSAIRR imaging suite, the Optical Imaging Core Facility provides quantitative fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging services for the in vivo and in vitro study of small animals, specimens, and cells.

The principal imaging instrument is a PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum,  which allows to take full advantage of bioluminescent and fluorescent reporters across the blue to near infrared wavelength region,  and is ideal for non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, cell trafficking and gene expression patterns.

The IVIS Spectrum main features include:

  • High throughput with up to 5 mice with 23 cm field of view
  • High resolution with 3.9 cm field of view
  • Twenty-eight high efficiency filters spanning 430 – 850 nm
  • Supports spectral unmixing applications
  • Can distinguish multiple bioluminescent and fluorescent reporters

The Optical Imaging Core Facility (OICF) offers a wide variety of technical services to the investigators:

  • Training:  Required for all users conducting imaging in the facility. For more information see the New User Checklist and contact Dr. Jeff Souris to schedule your training sessions.
  • Experimental Design & Consultation Services:  Upon request, assistance can be provided in the design of individual imaging experiments and protocols, post-acquisition image processing, enhancement, and analysis.
  • Assisted Imaging Services: Upon request, Core staff can conduct imaging sessions for PIs and/or assist users during their imaging sessions.
  • BSL2/Biohazard material: Imaging of infectious/pathogen-bearing samples (active or inactive, in vivo or in vitro) need to be discussed with Core staff to evaluate feasibility.  Please contact Dr. Souris and/or Dr. Leoni and see  Biosafety Policies for more information.
  • Radioactive materials: Only iSAIRR staff can handle radioactive material inside the facility. Please contact Dr. Leoni to discuss proper arrangements.


For more Policies, please check the general Policies page.