Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource


A dedicated small animal high resolution ultrasound was acquired thanks to institutional support.

The S-Sharp Prospect 3.0 has a simple workflow and intuitive software. It provides resolution up to 30μm, with complete imaging modes including B/M/Doppler/PW Doppler , 3D imaging and contrast mode with ultrasound microbubbles for molecular imaging.

With high imaging frequencies, the system is well suited to observe the internal structures and functions of mouse abdomen organs such as kidney, liver and spleen, enabling early diagnoses of various disease models.

It provides precise 2D anatomical observation, molecular imaging with contrast agent, 3D image reconstruction and measurements to quantify tumor progression over time.

Other typical applications include cardiovascular imaging with full quantitation, developmental biology, image guided injections.

The iSAIRR doesn’t currently have an ultrasound technologist on-staff and assisted imaging is not available at this time.

Please contact Dr. Hannah Zhang at or 773.702.2282 to discuss training and access to the facility.

Ultrasound Machine