2020-2021 Workshop Schedule

Autumn Quarter Schedule 

All meetings will take place remotely, via Zoom, from 5 to 6.30 PM. Meeting ID: 939 7784 9395. A link will also be distributed via our mailing list, or upon request at wlac.uchicago@gmail.com

Oct. 1 – Joint reception with the Latin America History Workshop

Oct. 8 –  Anjanette M. Chan Tack, PhD Candidate, Sociology, UChicago: How ethnic gender ideologies shape immigrant racial incorporation: Indo-Caribbeans, ‘Wining’ Women, and Racialization at the Black/Asian Interface

Nov. 5 – Steven Schwartz, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, UChicago: Bad Winds: Disrupting the Jepirachi Wind Farm

Nov. 19 – Eduardo Leão, PhD Candidate, Romance Languages and Literatures, UChicago, Campos de gusanos y vacas suicidas: el agronegocio apocalíptico en narrativas contemporáneas de Brasil y Argentina

Dec. 3 – Grethel Domenech, PhD Candidate, Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico), El intelectual y la revolución: semánticas de un rol en América Latina. (1959-1976)