The Medicine & Its Object Workshop 2022-2023

Alternating Wednesdays  |  4:30-6pm CST

Social Science Research Building 404, hybrid unless noted otherwise



September 28, 2022

Welcome Reception

Quadrangle Lawn outside Cobb Hall

Rain location: Cobb 112


October 12, 2022

Before and After the Book: Examining the Lives of Ethnography

Guest Presenter: Dr. Judith Farquhar, Faculty Emeritus, UChicago Anthropology


November 9, 2022

Determining Who Matters: The Nature and Impact of Forensic Mental Health Evaluations in US Immigration Processes

Anna Prior, PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development

Discussant: Katie Gibson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Crown Family School


November 16, 2022 – Joint Session with the Early Modern and Mediterranean Worlds Workshop

Parallel Ideals: Female Patients’ Perceptions of the Body in Early Seventeenth-Century England

Anna Conner, PhD Candidate, History

Discussant: Patrick Graham, PhD Candidate, History



January 11, 2023

“He lived for others. He was killed for US”: Pedagogical Reflectivity and Photographic Perception in Cadaver Dissection, 1880-1930

Heather Glenny, PhD Candidate, English Language and Literature

Discussant: Michael Stablein, Jr., Joint-PhD Candidate, Theater and Performance Studies and English Language and Literature


January 25, 2023

How Sexuality Impacts Reliance on Social Networks of Older Adults

Grey Pierce, PhD Candidate, Sociology

Discussant: Dr. Alex Brewer, Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University Department of Sociology


February 8, 2023

Making Zero: Overflow and Logistical Governance in São Paulo Health Regulation

Dr. Jack Mullee, Postdoctoral Fellow, Anthropology


February 22, 2023

The Contagiousness of Knowledge Production: Covid, Journalism, Fieldwork, and Reading Classics

Yukun Zeng, PhD Candidate, Anthropology



March 29, 2023

The Return of the Body in (Health)Care: Case-Studies from inside the US Opioid Crisis

Tracy Brannstrom, PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development

Discussant: Uma Blanchard, PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development


April 5, 2023

Intra-Professional Collaboration in Acute Hospital Settings

Timothy Elder, PhD Candidate, Sociology

Discussant: Joshua Silver, PhD Candidate, Sociology


April 19, 2023

Caring for Compatriots during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Professional Practices by Health-Care Workers of Chinese Origin in France

Guest Presenter: Dr. Simeng Wang, Research Fellow, French National Centre for Scientific Research

Discussant: Dr. David Ansari, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois-Chicago


May 3, 2023

“Any person here who doesn’t have trauma has something wrong with them”: Evolving discourses of “trauma”, historical violence, and social justice in post-genocide Rwanda

Zoë Berman, PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development

Discussant: Dr. Katie Gibson, Crown School of Social Work


May 17, 2023

Organ Chips & The Regulatory Politics of Biomedical Innovation

Melanie Jeske, Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute on the Formation of Knowledge, UChicago

Followed by End of Year Reception