Fall 2014

Thursday, October 16th
Opening Meeting

Thursday, October 23rd
Elizabeth Wilson, Emory University, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuailty Studies.
Title: Underbelly – selections from her upcoming book Gut Feminism
Co-sponsored with Alternative Epistemologies Workshop, Comparative Behavioral Biology Workshop, Gender & Sexuality Studies Workshop, Self & Subjectivity Workshop, and U.S. Locations Workshop.

Thursday, November 6th
Eleanor Jane Bush, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: The Flesh of the Foetus
Discussant: Sam Schulte, University of Chicago,, CHSS

Thursday, November 20th
Zhiying Ma, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: Intimate Politics of Life: Centering the Family in the Mental Health Legislation Reform in China
Discussant: Amir Hampel, University of Chicago, CHD


Winter 2015

Thursday, January 8th
Eduardo Kohn, McGill University, Anthropology
Title: Anthropology of Ontologies – An article for the Annual Review of Anthropology (Volume 44, 2015)
Discussant: Sean Dowdy, University of Chicago, Anthropology

Thursday, February 5th
Alexander Moffett, University of Chicago, CHSS/Prtizker School of Medicine
Title: Generic Images of Disease: The Uses of Collective Investigation, 1880-1890

Thursday, February 19th
Dan Choffnes, Carthage College, Biology
Title: Tea, Health, and Profits in Contemporary Fujian
Discussant: Heangjin Park, University of Chicago, Anthropology

Wednesday, March 4th
Panel: Katrina and the Canicule: vulnerability and citizenship in the aftermath of environmental disaster

Anne M. Lovell, Université de Paris René Descartes, CERMES3
Title: Taking the pulse of the citizenry: disaster-related death and the statistics wars of Katrina

Richard Keller, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professor, Department of Medical History and Bioethics
Title: Chasing Ghosts: Risk and Marginalization in the 2003 Heat Wave Disaster

Cosponsored with The France Chicago Center, Department of Anthropology, Department of Comparative Human Development, Workshop on Self and Subjectivity


Spring 2015

Thursday, May 5th
Sabrina Datoo, University of Chicago, History
Title: Fashioning Muslim Life: Yunani Medicine and Muslim Liberalism in Colonial India, c. 1880-1930

Thursday, May 14th
Projit Bihari Mukharji,University of Pennsylvania, History and Sociology of Science
Title: Pranic Vitalism: Vernacular Vitamins to Radicalize the Biopolitical Subject, Bengal, c. 1920-1947
Discussant: Sabrina Datoo, University of Chicago, History 

Wednesday, May 27th
Francis McKay, University of Chicago, Anthropology and CHSS
Title: Mindless: Affects, practical wisdom, and the Global Crisis in Depression

Wednesday, June 3rd
Megan Crowley-Matoka, Northwestern University, Medical Education-Medical Humanities and Bioethics
Title: Operating (for) Legitimacy: Pain, Ambiguity, and Surgical Recursion in “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome”
Discussant: Zhiying Ma, University of Chicago, Anthropology