Winter 2017


Wednesday, January  11th 
Talia Weiner, PhD Candidate (Comparative Human Development)
Title: “I’ve put in my time:” Career trajectories and structural contradictions in the helping professions
Discussant:Talia Gordon (Comparative Human Development)

Location: Rosenwald 329


Wednesday, January 25th 
Adam Baim, MD/PhD Candidate (Medicine and CCHSS)
Title: Through another’s eyes: Examining vision in ophthalmology
Discussant: Colin Halverson, PhD
Location: Rosenwald 329


Wednesday, February 8th
Todd P. Marek, PhD Candidate (Anthropology, University of Notre Dame)
Title: “For Emergencies You Need Western Medicine:” Subaltern Surgeries and State Tibetan Medicine in China
Discussant: Dr. Judith Farquhar
Location: Rosenwald 329


Wednesday, February 22nd
Lauren Jackson (English)
Title: Black Vertigo: Nausea, Aphasia, and Bodily Noise 197x to the Present
Discussant:  Paula Martin
Location: Rosenwald 329


Wednesday, March 8th 
Megan Crowley-Matoka, PhD (Anthropology and Medical Education, Northwestern University)
Title: The Traffic in Pain:  Opioids, Epidemics, and the U.S. Resurgence of the Urine Drug Screen 
Discussant: Adam Baim
Location: Rosenwald 329

Fall 2016


Wednesday, October  5th 
Eugene Raikhel, PhD (Comparative Human Development)
Title: “It was there all along”: Situated uncertainty and the politics of publication in environmental epigenetics
Discussant: Mallory James, PhD Student (Anthropology)
Location: Rosenwald 329


Wednesday, October 19th 
David Meltzer, MD, PhD (Medicine and Economics)
Title: The Comprehensive Care, Community and Culture Program (C4P)
Discussant: Angelica Velazquilo Franco
Location: Rosenwald 329


Wednesday, November 2nd
Katie Schumacher, PhD Student (SSA)
Title: Addicted Systems: Defining Use and Abuse in the Debate about Psychotropic Drugs in Illinois Child Welfare Institutions
Discussant: Julian Thompson, PhD Candidate (SSA)
Location: Rosenwald 329


(AAA Conference)




Wednesday, November 30th
Amir Hampel, PhD Candidate (CHD)
Title: Equal Temperament: Autonomy and Identity in Chinese Public Speaking Clubs
Discussant: Britta Ingebretson (Anthropology and Linguistics)
Location: Rosenwald 329


Wednesday, December 7th 
Phillip Henry, PhD Candidate (History)
Title: Refashioning Bourgeois Psychoanalysis: Education, Authority, and the Politics of Analytic Therapy in the Freudian Revision of 1918
Discussant: Ryan Dahn (CHSS)
Location: Rosenwald 329