MEHAT workshop schedule for fall 2014

The Middle East History and Theory Workshop fall schedule
All meetings scheduled for 12:00–1:30 in Pick 218 unless otherwise noted

October 23

Ed Hayes (NELC)
The historical genesis of the wikāla-network and the development of its legal foundations with the Imami theory of zakāt and khums

Discussant: Rodrigo Adem (NELC)

Tuesday, November 4 (with the Jewish Studies and Western Mediterranean workshops)

Ryan Szpiech (Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Michigan)
Rethinking ‘Abrahamic’ Communities: Polemical Writing and Comparative Religious Studies

Location TBD

November 6

Nate Miller (NELC)
Tribal Geography: Seasonal Rains, Migration and Trade Patterns in the Poetry of Hudhayl (c. 550–700 CE)

Discussant: Süleyman Dost (NELC)

November 20 (with the Islamic Studies Workshop)

Cam Cross (NELC)
Finding Romance

Discussant: Austin O’Malley (NELC)

Tuesday, November 25 (with the Islamic Studies and Medieval Studies workshops)

Eduardo Manzano (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid)
The role of the umma in the institutional configuration of early Islam

Discussant: Tim Gutmann (Div.)

December 4

Anna Hazard (CMES)
Power and Propaganda Written with the Female Image: Depictions of Women in the Post-Revolutionary Iranian Posters

Discussant: TBD

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