Fall 2016 Workshop Schedule

The Middle East History and Theory Workshop (MEHAT) is pleased to announce our schedule for Fall 2016.                                                                                                                        All meetings will be held on alternate Wednesdays from 3:00-4:20pm in Pick 218 unless otherwise noted. Food and beverages will be served. Papers will be circulated a week before the workshop meeting via our listserv. If you have any questions, please contact mehat.workshop@uchicago.edu.

October 5 – Zachary Schuyler (CMES)

“Ironing Out National Ideology: Amir Temür in Karimov’s Functionalist Reconstruction of Uzbek History”

Discussant: August Samie (NELC)

October 19 – Kyle Longworth (NELC)

“Islamic Societies and the Syriac Historical Tradition”

Discussant: Süleyman Dost (NELC)

November 2 – Carol Fan (NELC)

“Studying Ming-Timurid Relations: Sources and Scholarship in Chinese”

Discussant: August Samie (NELC)

November 4 – Prof. Rebecca Johnson (Northwestern University)

Workshop in conjunction with the CMES Friday lecture titled “Translated Publics: Print Culture and the Novel during the Nahda”

*Please Note: The MEHAT Workshop will take place from 11:30-12:50 on this day.

November 16 – Süleyman Dost (NELC)

“That Time Ibn Arabi Predicted the Ottoman Conquest of Syria and Egypt: The Mysterious World of al-Shajara al-Nu’maniyya”

Discussant: Carlos Grenier (History)

November 28 – Prof. Sarah Stroumsa (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)—co-sponsored event with the Jewish Studies Workshop *Harper 148

“Jewish and Muslim Philosophy and Theology in Islamic Spain”

November 30 – Madeleine Elfenbein (NELC)

“Namık Kemal and the Quest for a New Ottoman Sovereignty”

Discussant: Mohsin Rao (NELC)

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