Urban Economics

Weekly Meetings - TBA!

Economics is the study of the production and consumption of scarce resources; naturally then, urban economics is focused on the geographical distribution of the production and consumption of scarce resources, particularly in cities. In this cohort, we will read a selection of papers that investigate topics such as: firm productivity as a function of agglomeration forces, the effect of public policy decisions on traffic congestion, the cause of suburbanization, and history and its relationship to urban economics.

In Winter quarter, cohort members will be introduced to R through a series of workbooks and will gain the skills necessary to work confidently with data. In the final quarter of the year, members will choose from a selection of empirical research questions that will guide their investigation of an urban economic phenomenon.

David Kirchenbauer - Cohort Leader

David Kirchenbauer is a fourth-year majoring in Economics and minoring in Philosophy. He has experience working as a research assistant at Booth and his research interests include applied microeconomics, history, urban theory, and transportation. In his free time, David enjoys reading on the quad, climbing downtown at Block 37, and listening to classical music. 

Mark Muchane - Cohort Leader

Mark Muchane (he/they) is an undergraduate student in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Chicago. His main interests are in AI/ML and its applications, including work in Computational Astrophysics, Natural Language Processing and the Federal Court System, and new tools to make AI and Science work in concert.