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Oeconomica welcomes students of all majors, backgrounds, and interests. Our cohorts and general meetings assume no prior knowledge and are structured to help students grow regardless of their background.  Even if you cannot come to all the general meetings, we welcome you to participate in the events you are interested in and engage with us when you can. 


Time Commitment: ~2 hours a week (meeting times vary depending on cohort leader availability)

Skill-Level: None/Beginner

Application: Applications for this year’s cohorts have now closed. 


Time Commitment: ~1 hour per quarter (Flexible) 

Skill-Level: None/Beginner 

Application: Sign-ups will close October 10th at 11:59 pm

General Meetings/Technical Workshops

Time commitment: 1 hour a week (these meetings are not required and you can pick and choose the ones you attend) 

Skill-Level: None/Beginner (For technical workshops we recommend doing them in order so that you can build a cohesive foundation) 

No application

Econometrics Game

Time Commitment: ~18 hours (Don’t worry it is only over two weekends) 

Skill-Level: Intermediate/Advanced (Economics core curriculum and econometrics strongly recommended) 

Application:  Applications will open later in the year and require you to sign up with a team of 4 students.  UChicago teams are required to compete in a preliminary round.

Reading Group

Time Commitment: 1 hour a week

Skill-level: Beginners (No course prerequisites)

Open from October 2nd to October 16th at 11:59pm (we are almost always able to place students in their first choice cohort) (**if you miss this deadline we may still be able to place you in a cohort, just send us an email). Sign-up forms are on the Cohorts and main page (same form as the cohorts sign-up form).

Upper Level Reading Group

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week 

Skill-level: Intermediate/Advanced (Economics core curriculum and econometrics strongly recommended) 

No application