Pritzker School of Medicine Scholars in Oncology-Associated Research

SOAR Mentors

SOAR Mentors


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Erin Adams, PhD

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Molecular immunology

Nishant Agrawal, MD

Surgery, Otolaryngology/ENT

Biomarkers for HPV-associated head and neck cancers

Habibul Ahsan, MBBS, MMedSc

Public Health Sciences

Epidemiology, environment, cancer risk

Maria-Luisa Alegre, MD, PhD

Medicine, Rheumatology

Auto- and anti-tumor immunity, basic immunology

John Alverdy, MD

Surgery, Colorectal surgery

Sense and response virulence mechanisms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Andrea Amico, MD, MA

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Breast cancer genetics, disparities

Peter Angelos, MD, PhD


Molecular Mechanisms in Endocrine and Neuroendocrine Tumors; Analysis of Endocrine Surgery Patient Outcomes

Mark Applebaum, MD

Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology

How specific epigenetic marks can identify patients with aggressive neuroblastoma that may benefit from alternatives to standard therapy

Samuel Armato, PhD


Computerized Analysis of Mesothelioma Tumor Volume and Response to Therapy

Vineet Arora, MD

Medicine, General Internal Medicine

Health Policy and Medical Education

Eric Beyer, MD, PhD

Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology

Intercellular communication

Mark Bissonnette, MD

Medicine, Gastroenterology

Colon cancer

Brian Chiu, PhD

Public Health Sciences

Epigenetics, health disparities, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma

Steven Chmura, MD, PhD

Radiation and Cellular Oncology

Dosimetric Impact on Toxicity and Tumor Control Following Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) for the Treatment of Multiple Metastases in Conjunction with Immunotherapy

Nicole Cipriani, MD


Clinicopathologic Features of Squamous Cell Carcinomas Involving the Parotid Gland: Primary Disease or Metastasis?

Susan Cohn, MD

Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology


Andrew Davis, MD


Exploring Racial and SES Factors in Colon Cancer Screening Rates and Diagnosis

Jill De Jong, MD, PhD

Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology

Pediatric autoimmune and neoplastic blood disease

Eileen Dolan, PhD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Pharmacogenomics, chemotherapeutic response

Scott Eggener, MD

Surgery, Urology

Prostate, kidney and testicular cancer

Oliver Eng, MD

Surgery, Surgical Oncology

Molecular and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Advanced Malignancies

Asim Farooq, MD


Pediatric Ocular Findings after Stem Cell Transplantation

Gini Fleming, MD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Breast and gynecological cancers

Ian Foster,

Computer Science

New uses for high-performance computing technologies

Maryellen Giger, PhD


Quantitative Radiomics and Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis for Discovery and Predictive Clinical Decision Making

Daniel Ginat, MD


Texture Analysis of Lymph Nodes in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer
Comparing Treatment Response for Necrotic Versus Solid Metastatic Lymph Nodes from Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Based on Imaging
Radiographic Texture Analyses of Sinonasal Tumors; Quantitative Mapping of Head and Neck Tumors

Lucy Godley, MD, PhD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Familial hematological malignancies

Daniel Golden, MD, MHPE

Radiation and Cellular Oncology

Oncology education for patients and trainees

Geoffrey Greene, PhD

Ben May Dept for Cancer Research

Molecular distinctions between estrogen, androgen, progestin, and glucocorticoid agonism and antagonism in hormone-dependent tissues and cancers and to use this information to identify, develop and characterize novel compounds that can be used as breast and prostate cancer chemopreventatives and chemotherapeutics

Chuan He, PhD


Dynamic and reversible RNA and DNA methylation in gene expression regulation

Tong-Chuan He, MD, PhD

Orthopedic Surgery

Osteosarcoma, bone metastasis, signaling

Yu-Ying He, PhD

Medicine and Dermatology

Role of epitranscriptomics, epigenetics, and autophagy in regulating genomic integrity and cellular homeostasis and to investigate their impact on cancer development and therapeutic resistance, with an emphasis on skin cancer including squamous cancer and melanoma

Tara Henderson, MD

Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology

Second malignancies in childhood cancer survivors

K. Sarah Hoehn, MD

Pediatrics, Critical Care/Palliative Care

Impact of stress of families and children whose children are critically ill

Elbert Huang, MD

Medicine, General Internal Medicine

Chronic disease research and policy

Jun Huang, PhD

Molecular Engineering

Quantitative study of the protective immune function of conventional T cells, the immunosuppressive properties of regulatory T cells and the cytolytic function of natural killer cells

Dezheng Huo, MD, PhD

Public Health Sciences

Breast cancer epidemiology, genetics, disparities

Abiola Ibrahem, MD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Implementation science, global oncology and global clinical trials to enhance clinical research in Nigeria by improving the quality of informed consent and empowering patients to enroll and participate in clinical trials.

Hae Im, PhD

Committee on Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology

Understanding the biology behind polygenic risk scores

Evgeny Izumchenko, PhD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Interplay between the genetic and epigenetic alterations in carcinogenesis and disease progression, developing novel biomarkers for diagnosis and risk stratification as well as in identifying targets for therapeutic intervention

Andrzej Jakubowiak, MD, PhD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Multiple myeloma

Gregory Karczmar, PhD


New approaches to functional and anatomic magnetic resonance imaging, breast andprostate cancer

Hillary Kenny, PhD


Metabolic Changes During Ovarian Cancer Metastasis

Xavier Keutgen, MD

Surgery, Endocrine

Neuroendocrine tumors

Karen Kim, MD

Medicine, Gastroenterology

Underserved and minority populations, health disparities, cultural competency and cancer prevention

Andrea King, PhD


Tobacco cessation/High-risk behaviors, prevention, disparities

Steven Kron, MD, PhD

Molecular Genetics & Cell Bio

DNA damage, cell signaling, new treatments

Madan Kumar, DO

Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases

Clostridium Difficile in Pediatric Oncologic Patients: Defining Predictive Markers for Clinical Infection

Sonia Kupfer, MD

Medicine, Gastroenterology

Host-Environment Interactions in Colorectal Cancer Risk and Disparities

Patrick LaRiviere, PhD


Algorithms and algorithm-enabled imaging systems at scales from nanometers (x-ray microscopy) to meters (human computed tomography)

Ernst Lengyel, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers

Stanley Liauw, MD

Radiation and Cellular Oncology

Genitourinary and gastrointestinal cancers, trials for a: phase I study of dose escalated stereotactic body RT trial for unresectable pancreatic cancer, phase II quality of life study of oral hormonal therapy with RT for prostate cancer, phase I study for oligometastatic renal cell cancer, and phase I randomized study for hepatocellular carcinoma treated with RT and immunotherapy

Wenbin Lin, PhD


Nanoparticle imaging and therapeutic agents in order to overcome limitations of current diagnostic tools and therapies for cancer.

Stacy Lindau, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Sexuality, aging, and population health

Mark Lingen, DDS, PhD


Clinicopathologic Features of Squamous Cell Carcinomas Involving the Parotid Gland: Primary Disease or Metastasis?

Kay Macleod, PhD

Ben May Department for Cancer Research

Autophagy in tumor growth, metastasis

Martha McClintock, PhD

Comparative Human Development and Psychology

Psychosocial origins of the dramatic health disparity in cancer promoting genes between African-American women and women of Northern European ancestry.

Megan McNerney, MD, PhD

Pathology/Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology

Clinical and genomics research on blood cell development and malignancy

Michael Millis, MD

Surgery, Transplant Surgery

Adult and pediatric transplant surgery

Rita Nanda, MD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Breast cancer treatment, disparities

Olatoyosi Odenike, MD, MBBS

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Acute and chronic leukemias, chronic myeloproliferative diseases

Peter O’Donnell, MD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Genitourinary malignancies and pharmacogenomics; Studying the Clinical Implementation of Pharmacogenomics, Informatics / Decision Support Tools for Clinical Application of Genomic Data

Adekunle Odunsi, MD, PhD

Obstetrics and Gynecology, Section of Gynecologic Oncology; Department of Medicine

Immunotherapy and Vaccine Therapy for Cancer

Christopher Olopade, MBBS

Medicine, Family Medicine

Environment, genetic, and expression of asthma

Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD, MBBS

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Breast cancer genetics, disparities

Akash Patnaik, MD, PhD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Targeting PI3K signaling and DNA repair pathways to convert PTEN-deficient cancers from immunologically “cold” to “hot” tumors.

Alex Pearson, MD, PhD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Machine learning, mathematical models, and artificial intelligence to predict cancer treatment outcomes from diverse types of patient information

Louis Philipson, MD

Medicine, Adult and Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism

Genetics of diabetes

Brandon Pierce, PhD

Public Health Sciences, Epidemiology

Cancer risk, biomarkers, epidemiology

Sean Pitroda, MD

Radiation and Cellular Oncology

Tumor mechanisms

Blase Polite, MD, MPP

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Racial and ethnic differences in colon cancer outcomes, with a focus on understanding the psychological, social and spiritual needs

Mitchell Posner, MD

Surgery, General Surgery

Management of upper gastrointestinal cancers

Mark Ratain, MD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Advanced solid tumors and pharmacogenetics

Iris Romero, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Cancer prevention

Marsha Rosner, PhD

Ben May Dept for Cancer Research

Role of BACH1 in Cancer Metastasis; Signaling, cell growth and metastasis

Andrey Rzhetsky, PhD

Medicine, Computational Biomedicine and Biomedical Data Science

Computational analysis of complex human phenotypes

Atsushi Sakuraba, MD, PhD

Medicine, Gastroenterology

Meta-Analytic Approach in Identifying High-Risk Colon Cancer Populations

Steffen Sammet, MD, PhD

Radiology, Graduate Program in Medical Physics

New methodologies in high- and ultra-high field MRI and MRS

John Schneider, MD

Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Global Health

Infectious disease and social network interventions

Renslow Sherer, MD

Medicine, Infectious Diseases

HIV/AIDS prevention, clinical trials, and health education programs for orphans and families with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas.

Benjamin Shogan, MD

Surgery, Colorectal surgery

How does intestinal microbes influence complications following colorectal surgery?

Sonali Smith, MD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Walter Stadler, MD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Prostate, kidney, bladder, and testicular cancers

Wendy Stock, MD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes,

Randy Sweis, MD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Elucidating mechanisms of immunotherapy resistance in non-T cell-inflamed cancers

Russell Szmulewitz, MD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Prostate, bladder, kidney, and testicular cancers

Kiran Turaga, MD


Outcomes of Patients after Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC

Ralph Weichselbaum, MD

Radiation and Cellular Oncology

Molecular Genetics of Oligometastases; Intersection of Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy; Bladder Cancer Stem Cells; Curative treatment of oligo metastasis with radiotherapy

Amittha Wickrema, PhD

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Normal and malignant hematopoiesis

Xiaoyang Wu, PhD

Ben May Dept for Cancer Research

Tumor invasion and metastasis

Baktiar Yamini, MD


NF-KB in Cancer and Aging