Sarah Spence Thursday, 6th of February, 3:30pm in Classics 21

The Renaissance Workshop and Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop are proud to present

Sarah Spence (Medieval Academy of America)

Prophecies of Power: The Latin Poetry of Lepanto

Thursday, 6th of February, 3:30pm in Classics 21

On October 7, 1571, the Holy League Alliance of Spain, Venice, and the papacy achieved a decisive and unexpected victory over the Ottoman navy in the battle of Lepanto. Hundreds of poems in both Latin and the vernacular were circulated immediately after the battle. While studies have shown how the vernacular poetry of Lepanto informed distinct national identities, this paper will consider a counterbalancing phenomenon: why large numbers of Italian poets from diverse social contexts and regions wrote Latin poems about the battle. Their efforts to articulate the significance of the victory in Latin seem to stem from a renewed imperial vision to the shared inheritance of Rome to the continued complexities of empire.



A reception will follow. Persons with a disability who feel they may need assistance are asked to contact Kathy Fox (702-8514) in advance.
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