Spring Quarter Schedule 2014

Welcome to Spring Quarter 2014

Our current schedule for the Winter quarter follows.

17 April: Andrew Horne (UChicago)
Hypothêkai, or Giving Instructions in Archaic Hexameters.

24 April Jacobo Myerston (UChicago)
Towards a Philology of Liberation: Reading Bolaño and the Classics

1 May Damien Nelis (Université de Genève)
Naming the world: history and geography in Vergil’s Georgics

7 May (Wednesday), Luke Parker (UChicago)
Text and Poetics in Heraclitus and Plato

29 May: Jeremy Brightbill (UChicago)
The Scenarios of Roman Declamation

Updates on the schedule and room information will be available on our blog.

The Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop is concerned with the literature of classical Greece and Rome, considered either on its own terms or in relation to the literature and poetry of other cultures. It invites presentation of critical arguments completed or in progress from the broadest possible range of perspectives.

Faculty Sponsors:
Michele Lowrie
Sarah Nooter

Student Coordinator
Chiu, Yi-Chieh

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