Fall 2017 Schedule

October 5, 3:30 pm
Tobias Myers (Classics, Connecticut College)
“Evoking the Eternal in Iliadic Warfare”


October 19, 3:30 PM
Michèle Lowrie (Classics, UChicago)
“Figures of Discord and the Roman Addressee in Horace, Odes 3.6”


October 31, 3:30 pm
David Orsbon (Comparative Literature and Classics, UChicago)
“Boethius’ Amor Naturalis:
The Cosmic Rule of Elemental Love”
N.B. This talk will take place on a Tuesday.


November 16, 3:30 pm
Luke Parker (Classics and Social Thought, UChicago)
“An incurable misanthrope?
Biography as reading in the case of Heraclitus”


November 30, 3:30 pm
Konrad Weeda (Classics and Social Thought, UChicago)
“Horace’s reading of Virgil and political history in Odes 4″


All meetings will take place in Classics 21 and will be followed by a reception.