Quick Start Guide to Using the Command Line

    • This is fun in other ways and if you ever want to watch online, we can share this with you via Skype or another collaboration tool.
    • The notes here are for using Command Line Users.
    • ssh name@mail.stoneedgevineyard.com (connect to server)
    • or ssh -L 8000:localhost:80 name@mail.stoneedgevineyard.com  (on a MAC to make a tunnel to Dick’s Stone Edge Page
    • tin (if daemon=0, proceed)
    • tin interrupt (only if daemon=1)
    • tx taux (check to see if it is raining.  rain=0 is ok.  rain=1, it is raining)
    • sun (check to see if the sun is negative degrees)
    • who (see if anyone else is connected to server, if someone else is logged in communicate with that person to coordinate using the telescope.)
    • date -u (gives you the universal time and date)
    • mkdir 2013images, cd 2013images
    • mkdir yyyymmdd (mkdir for today’s ut date)
    • cd to the new date
    • openup nocloud (opens the observatory)
    • keepopen maxtime=20000 slit
    • tx track on (You will have to repeat track on periodically.  Good idea to do this every 20 minutes or so.)
    • image time=30 bin=2 (or bin=1) outfile=namethefile (If you want to take a dark, you have to write “dark” before the outfile name.
    • tx ccd_status
    • tx ccd_setup temp=-30
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