VMPEA: Winter Schedule.‏

The workshop will be held in room 156 on Fridays, from 4 PM to 6 PM.

Jan 27. Rob Linrothe (Northwestern University):  “From Colonial Travel Album to Altar:  The Circulation of Late 19th Century Photographic Portraits of Tibetan Incarnations in the Indian Himalayas and the Problems they Pose for Photo Theories of Portraits as Memento Mori”

Feb.17 Chelsea Foxwell ( University of Chicago): “Angels and Demons: Two Works by Toshio Aoki (1853-1912), a Japanese Painter in California”

Feb. 24 Cho Insoo (Korea National University of Arts): “From Spirit Tablets to Portraits: Ancestor Worship and Portraiture in Korea”

Mar.9  Catherine Stuer (PhD candidate, University of Chicago):  “The Rhetoric of the Trace: Photography, Place, and History in Republican Nanjing”



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