May 2 Wei Zheng

Friday, May 2, 4:30-6:30pm, CWAC 156

“魏晋南北朝考古的基本问题” 摘要
Fundamental Issues on Six Dynasties Archaeology
(presentation in Chinese)

Wei Zheng
Peking University

The basic issues of Six Dynasties Archeology can by divided into three general aspects:

The first aspect considers methods on dealing with archeological materials. In recent fieldwork, the largest corpus of findings in the era are tombs, city ruins and above ground remains of cave shrines. With such archeological materials, the most important issue at hand is that of dating, which is the basis for any type of further inquiry. Once the dates of these findings are confirmed, we can then trace the development of each of these three types of archeological evidence, and localize their features and interrelationships.

The second aspect considers the main features of this time period, and the types of social issues that it gave rise to. These questions may be crucial for Six Dynasties archaeology, even though smiliar issues may not exist or be the main focus for other time periods. What is central to understanding Six Dynasties archaeology are issues such as transitional characteristics, mass migration, interaction with peripheral communities, elite society and culture, the rapid feudalization of northern regimes, the spread of religion, cultural exchange, etc. These specific questions are based upon the social context of the Six Dynasties period.

The third aspect considers the relationship between research on Six Dynasties history and archaeology. How do we interpret archoleogical findings through the lens of history? How do we intergrate historical texts and findngs in the field? These questions focus on issues of state regulations, rites and customs, as well as the econonimcal developments of this period. The three aspects that I have mentioned above should be taken as a intergrated whole, which cannot be clearly seperated from each other in scholarship and fieldwork.

Friday, May 2, 4:30-6:30pm, CWAC 156

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