Awards and Grants


  1. Posky Center I-Corps Program (a National Science Foundation-funded entrepreneurial program for teams working on ideas in the science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) fields), The University of Chicago, 2020,
  2. Awarded a Scientific Honor Certificate due to outstanding contribution to the Faculty and University, by Fatih University, 9/1/2015
  3. Honored for the contribution to the innovative and enterprising skill of Fatih University, 9/1/2013
  4. Received an outstanding contribution to the 3. Science Olympiad of Istanbul from the director of all public schools of Istanbul, 9/1/2013
  5. Awarded for his outstanding contribution to the engineering faculty of Fatih University as excellent Vice Dean, by the Dean of the Faculty, 12/5/2012
  6. Awarded a certificate due to his scientific outstanding contribution to the Faculty by the Rectorate of Fatih University 9/01/2011
  7. Honored as most productive scientists at the Faculty by Rectorate of Fatih University, 9/17/2010
  8. Best Poster Award, 3. International Congress on Food and Nutrition, TUBITAK, 4/25/2009
  9. Best Poster Award, 2. Mol & Diagnostic Mic. Congress, Antalya, 4/24/2002
  10. Prof. Dr. Orhan Duzgunes Scholarship, Agricultural Eng. Foundation, Ankara, 1990/1991



  1. Science Project supported by NIH, “Type 2 Immune Response in Sepsis”, Researcher, 2018
  2. Received a grant as a researcher from ISTKA (Istanbul Development Agency), “Innovation, Research and Development Centre for Biofuel production”,  $605,000, 2015
  3. A TUBITAK Grant, “A microbial Amp. Biosensor to assay aromatic hydrocarbons”, $14,000, 2015
  4. Technological Enterprise Projects, “Time & Temperature Sensitive Labels”, Project Advisor and the partner of Startup Company, $55,000, 2014
  5. A grant from ISTKA, “Technology Transfer and Mass Education Centre on Biotechnology”, $425,000, 2014
  6. A TUBİTAK grant, “Biotechnology Academy”, $50,000, 2014
  7. Technological Enterprise Projects, “Medical test for H. pylori”, Project Advisor, $55,000, 2013
  8. A grant from National Boren Institute, “A novel cholesterol biosensor design with boron-containing conducting polymer”, $36,000, 2013
  9. Technological Enterprise Project, “DNA Isolation Kit from Food”, Advisor, $55,000, 2012
  10. A grant from TUBİTAK, “The development of conducting polymers for cholesterol biosensor”, $14,000, 2011
  11. A grant from State Planning Organization of Prime Ministry of Republic of Turkey, “A novel biosensor design to detect urea in dialysate”, $336,000, 2009
  12. TUBİTAK Grant, “The role of oxidative stress in gastric cancer”, Researcher, $110,000, 2009
  13. TUBİTAK Grant, “The synthesis of novel macrocyclic compounds with polycationic groups and the analysis of their bacteriological effect and effects of biomolecules such as DNA and Protein”, Researcher, $50,000, 2009
  14. A giant State Planning Organization of Prime Ministry of Republic of Turkey grant, “Bio-nano Technology Centre: An Infrastructure GRANT”, Researcher, $7,080,000.00, 2008
  15. A State Planning Organization of Prime Ministry of Republic of Turkey grant, “A molecular typing study of cagA of Helicobacter pylori strains isolated from peptic ulcer and cancer patients”, Researcher, $100,000, 2008
  16. A grant from Fatih University Research Fund, “On the origin of food: The species identification of meat products by modern DNA techniques”,  $2,500$, 2007
  17. A grant from Fatih University Research Fund, “Synthesis and investigation of DNA and protein binding properties and photodynamic activities of octacationic supramolecular porphyrazines”, Researcher, $1,500, 2006
  18. A grant from Fatih University Research Fund, “Canonical analysis of risk factors involved in Helicobacter pylori infection”, Researcher, $1,000, 2004
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