Primary Care - Behavioral Health Integration Program

Collaborative Care Services

We are excited to provide the evidence-based Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) for primary care. Collaborative Care increases the capacity for mental health care. In this program, a licensed social worker talks with patients at least every 2 weeks and consults with a psychiatrist every week. Services include an initial diagnostic assessment, care management, psychiatric consultation, and brief therapy.

Who is eligible: Patients age 12 years or older who receive primary care at DCAM PCG or UChicago Medicine Pediatrics who have major depression (PHQ-9 >= 10), anxiety (GAD-7 >=10), or cognitive impairment (MOCA <25) with mental health and/or neuropsychiatric problems

How to refer:

1. Inform the patient (or parents/guardians) about the program:

Adult Depression and Anxiety Collaborative Care

Adolescent Depression and Anxiety Collaborative Care

Cognitive Impairment Collaborative Care

2. Obtain their consent for the program. Consent should include a discussion that 1) insurance will be billed and the billing codes are for both face-to-face and non-face-to-face services, and 2) a psychiatrist will be consulted. Non-face-to-face services include discussions with the consultative psychiatrist and care management.

3. Enter an order: Consult for Collaborative Care Services. The order is reviewed within 2 business days by a member of the team and you will receive a follow-up inbasket message. If you do not receive a message in 2 days, then please send an inbasket message to the director, Dr. Neda Laiteerapong.

Inform the licensed social worker:

  • Adult Depression and Anxiety
    • Samantha Allen, LCSW
    • Nicole Schalinske, LCSW
    • Psychiatrist: Daniel Yohanna, MD
  • Cognitive Impairment with Mental Health and/or Neuropsychiatric Problems
    • Carly Lusk, LCSW 
    • Psychiatrist: Erin Zahradnik, MD
  • Adolescent Depression and Anxiety
    • Ashante White Walker, LSW
    • Psychiatrist: TBD

See the following Collaborative Care Provider Tip Sheet for more details.