John Stevenson, Wednesday December 5

On December 5 we will have the last session of the quarter. Please join us as we welcome our PhD student, John Stevenson. He will be presenting the paper “The Trajectories of Mass Killing Onset in New States: Macro-Trends in Problem of Initial Regime Formation and External Intervention from 1900-2006”. Aditi Rajeev will be the discussant.

I will send the paper later today to our mailing lists.


Daniel Treisman, Wednesday November 14

Please join us this Wednesday to welcome Daniel Treisman (UCLA). Professor Treisman  will be presenting a very interesting paper (especially for those with an interest in political economy): “Income, Democracy, and the Cunning of Reason”. Milena Ang will be the discussant.

I will send the paper tomorrow morning to our mailing list.

Ana Arjona, Wednesday November 7

Please join us next Wednesday to welcome our second guest speaker of the year, Ana Arjona. Professor Arjona will be presenting a draft of a chapter of her new book. The chapter’s tentative title is “Social Order in Civil War”. Morgan Kaplan will be the discussant.
The paper will be sent out later today to the comparative politics and polsall mailing lists.