In Hyee Hwang, Wednesday February 27

Please join us this Wednesday to welcome our PhD student, In Hyee Hwang, who will be presenting her MA paper “The Economy Behind Land Conflicts in China: Understanding Revenue Constraints and Land Mismanagement”. Yeon Ju Lee will be the main discussant.

I sent the paper to our mailing list earlier today.


Milena Ang, Wednesday February 20

This coming Wednesday, our PhD student, Milena Ang, will be presenting her dissertation proposal. The title is “Tracing Transparency: Right to Information and Accountability in a Comparative Perspective”. Ethan Porter will be the discussant. Please come to provide comments or ask questions that might help Milena with her research!

I will send copies of the paper to our mailing list next Tuesday.

Andy Junker, Wednesday February 6


This Wednesday, UChicago’s postdoc Andrew Junker will be presenting a very interesting paper about the Falun Gong (a Chinese religious movement). The title of his paper is “Charisma and Protest Mobilization in the Transnational Falun Gong”. The discussant will be our graduate student¬†Junyan Jiang.

I will distribute the paper this Tuesday.