Integrated Light Microscopy Core

A change is necessary because the current policy has proven to be ineffective in curbing reservation of more time than is used. Less than half of scheduled time on high-end systems is being used. This limits the microscope plans by other users, limits maintenance, harms requests for new equipment grants, and wastes the microscope system lifetime.


Effective April 4, 2022 we will charge by the time that you book on the scheduler (plus any use running beyond your booking). When you schedule, you are buying a block of time to use, or not use, as you see fit.  In addition, remember that a 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect – if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance of your reservation start time, you will not be charge for the session.  “Last minute” (less than 24 hours in advance of the session start time) cancellations will cost the full canceled time minus the amount of time used by someone else, IF ANY.  The “one free last-minute (less than 24 hours in advance of session start time) cancel per month” rule is now also abolished.

Please book what you need and use what you book. We encourage you to make use of the scheduler’s reminder feature and calendar functions.

We offer many microscopes that could be used to check your preps before tying up systems in high demand and high cost. Thus, modifying/truncating a booking will now only decrease your cost IF someone else uses part of your released time.