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Webinar: World Premier New Leica Confocal 4/7/2020

If you've finished Netflix and are looking for a change of pace for your next video, Leica is hosting the WORLD PREMIER of their new laser scanning confocal system online Tuesday April 7th at 8am CDT (that's Central Daylight Time) Register to get a link to the meeting...

Webinar: Leica SP8 FALCON (FAst Lifetime COntrast)

Leica virtual seminar Wednesday April 1, 2020 10:30am CDT Presented by Genevieve Phillips, Advanced Workflow Specialist - Confocal PLEASE REGISTER NOW: Leica SP8 FALCON (FAst Lifetime CONtrast) is the future of functional imaging. SP8...

Olympus VS200 Demo Feb 24-28 2020

The Core will demo the Olympus VS200 whole slide scanner from Feb. 24-28th.  If you would like to see the scanner in action, contact Shirley Bond or Christine Labno to get your slides into the queue!

ImageJ Classes Autumn Quarter 2019

Autumn Quarter ImageJ classes are posted! We’re going to keep the Summer Session format for Fall, so the first two classes present both Basics and Intermediate material. They are identical so you only have to choose ONE. See class descriptions here. Please register...

Leica THUNDER Computational Clearing Seminar and Demo

Leica THUNDER Computational Clearing Seminar and Demo

Computational clearing allows for enhanced imaging of fluorescent 3D tissue, live cell culture and living organisms. Leica's new THUNDER computational clearing systems allow for computation on the fly, giving substantial improvements in signal to noise and image...

OSRF Core Seminar Series

OSRF Core Seminar Series

Christine will be giving the OSRF Seminar Series talk on June 25, 2019 in W301. The title of her talk is "What You Find Depends on How You Seek: Alternatives to Confocal for Fluorescence Imaging" and focuses on fluorescence microscopy methods such as Selective/Single...