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2019 Ivy Plus EEO Annual Meeting

2019 Ivy Plus EEO Annual Meeting


The University of Chicago Office of the Provost’s Equal Opportunity Programs is excited to host the 2019 Ivy Plus EEO Annual Meeting.


About the Annual Meeting

The Ivy Plus EEO Annual Meeting provides an opportunity to share experiences, insights, and best practices with each other. Each year the objectives of our annual meeting are to exchange information about our institution’s successes and challenges, and discuss solutions that may be applicable to other institutions.

Dates: April 29-30, 2019


Annual Meeting Planning Group Members

  • Theodosia Cook, CAAP, Dartmouth College
  • R. Fenimore Fisher, JD, Johns Hopkins University
  • Jackie Hennard, JD, University of Chicago
  • Liz Honig, JD, University of Chicago
  • Mitchell Kittlaus, University of Chicago
  • Scott Velasquez, JD, University of Chicago