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This is the website of the Italian Language Program at the University of Chicago.

Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures embraces multiple disciplinary and linguistic traditions reflecting the theoretical diversity of our fields. We offer graduate programs in French, Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies, and Italian. We also provide a number of configurations for undergraduate study, including majors and minors in the languages, literatures, and cultures of Italy, France and the Francophone world, and Iberia and Latin America.

Italian Studies

A major or minor in Italian Literature and Culture prepares students to succeed in a multilingual and multicultural world. Students will develop the knowledge and critical skills necessary to understand and engage with a variety of aspects of Italian culture and society, enhancing interdisciplinary study in fields such as classical music, opera, art history, and cinema. Our faculty teach students how to read and analyze texts with rigor and insight, write carefully and with well-supported arguments, and refine their written and oral expression.

About our Program


The Italian Language Program is part of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and falls under Italian Studies. We offer first-year and second-year language sequences, an accelerated course for speakers of Romance languages, and third-year language and culture courses on various topics.

We also organize cultural activities and events, such as conversation hours, movie nights, cooking workshops, and others.

News & Events


Italia Oggi. Rivista di cultura e società di ITAL 204 (Fall 2023)

Italia Oggi. Rivista di cultura e società di ITAL 204 (Fall 2023)

Check out the first issue of Italia Oggi magazine, born after ITAL 204 last Fall! 🌟 All pieces explore interesting and current topics about Italian culture and society today. We had a good time putting it together, and we hope you'll have a chill time reading it too!...

End-of-year picnic and volleyball

End-of-year picnic and volleyball

On May 18th, the RLL Language programs and Global Studies are having their end-of-year picnic and volleyball. Join us to celebrate the end of this quarter and be recharged for your final exams!      

Students’ Testimonials


My favorite part of taking Italian is how energetic and encouraging my professors are. Every one of my professors has been enthusiastic, and that enthusiasm both makes class more fun and makes practicing with the language easier.

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Carter Beckstein, '23

Studying Italian with this department has really improved my confidence in group discussions in general and in developing my own voice, whether in English or in any other language. I feel more confident speaking up and sharing my ideas even when I might make mistakes, and I feel like I can express my ideas in my own unique voice even when it’s another language

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Annika Lundsgaard, '24

There are also so many elements of Italian culture and products of Italy that we engage with on a daily basis—from White Lotus to Elena Ferrante to Nutella, pasta, and so much more. Given how much Italy and Italian culture are part of contemporary social life, I see Italian as a great language to learn!

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Leila Pulaski, '24

My Italian class has taught me to be confident when approaching new learning opportunities and enthusiastic about developing connections with my classmates. Our small-classroom setting fosters a welcoming environment where I feel comfortable taking risks, and I value the opportunity to work closely and connect with all of my classmates.

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Abby Ryan, '26

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