Italian Language Program

Affiliated programs

The Italian Language Program works in conjunction with various other programs and groups of the University of Chicago and beyond.

Romance Languages

Our program forms part of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. It is, therefore, in contact with all the languages offered, such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, and Haitian Creole. Check out Vaeranda, the magazine of the Romance Language programs at the University of Chicago. Here is the section dedicated to Italian, including short stories our students wrote.

Undergraduate students can major and minor in Italian Studies, Hispanic and Luso-Brazialian Studies, and French and Francophone Studies. In addition, students can major and minor in more than one romance language.

University of Chicago Language Center

The Italian Language Program often works with the Language Center, particularly in developing and grading the Foreign Language Proficiency Assessments and Certifications in Italian.

Currently, students can take the Practical Language Proficiency Assessment, which measures students’ ability to functionally use a foreign language in most personal and some academic or professional settings. The Advanced Language Proficiency Assessment, which measures students’ ability to functionally use a foreign language in a wide variety of settings, including all personal settings and many academic or professional settings, is currently being developed and will soon be available.

Study Abroad

The University of Chicago offers various study abroad programs located in Italy. In particular,



Global Studies

Global Studies often collaborates with the Italian Language Program in organizing cultural events, such as talks and cooking nights. Caterina Fugazzola, in particular, acts as a liaison with the Program.


Italian RSO: CIAO

The Chicago Italian Appreciation Organization aims to provide a space on campus for students to engage with Italian culture. It is currently run by students majoring in Italian and is a lively group you can find on Instagram.

Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago

The Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago organizes and sponsors events connected with the Italian language and culture and their membership “allows you to download two e-books per month from our online digital library, featuring a network of over 6,000 Italian libraries, have access to Italian newspapers included in the digital newsstand, and participate more actively in the life of the Institute”.

Chicago International Film Festival

Every year in October, Chicago hosts the International Film Festival, which usually features Italian films and documentaries and interviews with directors.

Lyric Opera of Chicago

The Lyric Opera of Chicago often features operas by renowned Italian composers, such as Puccini, Verdi and Rossini.

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