Italian Language Program

Risorse linguistiche

  • Treccani: this portal contains a monolingual dictionary, an encyclopedia, and other helpful content.
  • Wordreference: the best Italian-English/English-Italian online dictionary. You can check pronunciation too.
  • The Free Dictionary: this is another online dictionary with audio recordings to practice pronunciation.
Grammatica & vocabolario
    Su Instagram & Youtube
    • Giorgia: grammar and vocab rules are presented clearly and in a fun manner.
    • Our Instagram account offers various columns devoted to Italian expressions, false friends, interesting words, and much more.
    • @easyitalianvideos – di Katie e Matteo: Easy Italian is a project to help you learn Italian in an authentic and fun way. Their team currently consists of Katie and Matteo, based in Milan. They interview people in the streets of Milan and other cities of Italy. All their videos have subtitles in Italian and English. Easy Italian’s videos are interesting because they show two perspectives, that of the Italian native speaker Matteo, and that of the learner of Italian, Katie.
    • Learn Italian with Lucrezia – di @lucreziaoddone “Italian language & grammar video lessons, vlogs and more, by DITALS certified teacher Lucrezia Oddone!” A lot of Lucrezia’s videos are vlogs, which feel very personal and give viewers a unique perspective on an Italian person’s life. These are totally in Italian (with Italian subtitles if you need them), so they are best for intermediate and advanced learners.
    • @learnamo – di Graziana e Rocco. “Learning Italian has never been easier! Through video lessons, daily exercises, and much more, they will guide you, step by step, to success!” They have three great playlists if you’re interested in learning about Italian grammar. They break down the grammar that you should know at each CEFR level group (A1-A2, B1-B2, and C1-C2). They also teach Italian gestures and body language!
    • @italianoautomatico – di Alberto. Content is aimed at intermediate language learners and is ideal for learning how to speak Italian. Video lessons with English and Italian subtitles break from traditional learning methods. In an entertaining and different way, Alberto shares the learning techniques he himself has used. In particular, many of Alberto’s videos discuss common Italian sayings, idiomatic expressions, and much more!

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