Revista Væranda

Welcome to Revista Væranda!

We are the new magazine of the Romance Language programs at the University of Chicago. With Væranda we want you to enjoy your time learning more about Romance languages and cultures.


Our name comes from the word for ‘porch’ in these languages: ‘varanda’ in Portuguese, and ‘veranda’ in Catalan, Spanish, Italian, and French (in Basque they say ‘ataria’). Imagine you are having a great, relaxing afternoon, sitting on your front porch while sipping your favorite beverage; just having an enjoyable time talking about these languages and their cultures. Væranda is a casual approach to the Romance Language worlds. There’s more: to indicate the proximity of the languages, and yet keep their differences marked, we opted to use the ligature: æ. And that is how the name ‘Væranda’ came to life!


We work with a variety of authors: from students to professors, and lovers of these languages, everyone is welcome! This means that our content also covers a wide array of topics: some that are strict to the language itself, to broad texts discussing culture and issues of these realities. We are positive you will find something here that will catch your attention. And if you feel like submitting something, please do. Everyone is welcome to join us.


Take a seat, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy your time while reading Væranda!